Ethical Dog Food Choice with Frontier Pets. Dogs eating dinner.

An Ethical Dog Food Choice

WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING YOUR DOG? Here’s an Ethical Dog Food Choice

A few years ago there was a series aired online called “The Truth About Pet Cancer”. In episode 2, I was shocked to learn what goes into commercial kibble for dogs and cats. Don’t let the fancy packaging and trendy product descriptions fool you. There is a lot more that goes into kibble and some of the ingredients are quite horrific. I stopped feeding our dogs kibble a few years ago when they switched over to a raw diet. I always checked the top ingredient to ensure it was a protein, but that was about the extent of it.


So what do we feed our dogs? For those who read my blog post “Making my own healthy treats for the #3dogkateers” you would know that I make all my treats for our dogs with a dehydrator. It’s so important to me to know what our dogs are eating and know that I’m not doing them any harm, and giving them the best opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

A friend told me about an ethically produced raw food she was feeding her dog. She knew this was a topic of great interest to me, and she thoughtfully gave me a sample back from her supply to try on our dogs. Well, I did, and they loved it! The food is by Frontier Pets and I have been a happy customer ever since I placed my first order back in 2017. They align with my values for ethical farming and great healthy food for our dogs.

I did my research before purchasing the food just to make sure I was dealing with the ethical company they said they were on their website. Check out this video from Di at Frontier Pets … I had shivers up my spine when I first watched it. It spoke to me and matched my values and I was so overwhelmed to find a pet food company that feels this way and wants to make a difference to the way our animals are treated. I just love the title too “Your Dog Can Change The World”!


In addition to their great ethically farmed meals for dogs, Frontier Pets also sells a range of dog treats, ethically sourced, human-grade ingredients, and come in sizes for small, medium, and large dogs. Choose from Paddywhack Beef or Pork Skin Strips. The #3Dogkateers give them a big paws up!


We feed our 3 Dogkateers a mix of Frontier Pets, BARF, Ziwi Peak and fresh meat (such as the Ling fish cutoffs in the last picture below as an extra special treat). We like to give ours variety, which is why we mix them around, but the Frontier is served every night, and the homemade treats are served in the morning.

They also love a bowl of freshly sliced carrots for dessert every evening.

Ethical Dog Food Choice with Frontier Pet Food Foxy dog looking up at dinner being served Ethical Dog Food Choice with Frontier Pet Food Frontier Pets Ethical Dog Food

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