Family Photography Great Lakes NSW

Connecting the love between you and your furry family

She's the light of your life. She sleeps next to you every night and is by your side whenever you are together. But do you have any photos of that connection you share? The way she loves to push his nose under your hand for more pats. The way she looks lovingly into your eyes when you are chilling out on the lounge together. The sigh of contentment when she settles by your side.

Memories are a beautiful thing, but they also fade over time. A poignant photograph beautifully printed will last through generations. This may be your one opportunity to document the love you have for your dog, let's make the most of it.

The questionnaire you receive when you book your sessions contains a number of options for having you photographed with your dog. Hands down, these end up being an integral part of your artwork collection. Have no regrets, document the love now, in the moment. Don't put it off until it's too late.

Our beautiful Barrington Coast is a paradise to escape from the daily grind with your furry family. Why not make a weekend of it?