Your heart dog

You want to hold him forever but his years are just too short. You want to be able to gaze at your best friend’s face every day so you can remember him far into the future.

I recently found a handmade, artful solution for remembering our companion animals, even from your own snapshot of a heart dog long departed.

I'm talking from the pre-digital/pre-phone camera days when we had our film developed in photo labs. And even today, how many of us have hundreds if not thousands of snaps on our phones that we've never done anything with.

In fact, I finally arranged for an etching to be crafted of my original heart dog from my teenage years, Bourbon.

I found Mandi, and she restored my original damaged photo from circa 1990 and created something incredibly special, just for me.

Greyboy Pet Etching in a mat

That Vintage Vibe

These are creative custom portraits with a vintage look to them using the printmaking process on her grandmother's printing press. Mandi loves helping clients remember past animals as well as current companions in an artful, special way.

Receive a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind animal etching of your favourite photo crafted by California artist, Mandi Pratt with Greyboy Pet Prints. She will take your cherished photo through a unique etching process, hand-wrap it and deliver it to you signed and matted to fit your frame. Makes a beautiful gift, memorial piece or stylish way to show off your favourite photo.

Pet Etching from a pet long passed

What is an Etching?

Most snapshots/phone shots, and in my case, my damaged 6x4" water damaged lab print aren’t usually wall-worthy but by using the traditional techniques from the art of printmaking with metal plates and a printing press, your favourite animal companion is honoured in a handcrafted elegant piece of art that will compliment any home.

Most people describe their etchings as having a vintage and ethereal feel to them. They usually purchase them as gifts or desire one for themselves to remember a special moment with their buddy or just to enjoy that favourite furry face every day.

Custom Pet Portrait Etching of a brindle greyhound

How Are Etchings Made?

Commissioning an etching starts with emailing an image to Mandi (or a few to choose from).

The image is then printed and burned to a metal plate with just the right amount of sunlight. The plate is carefully inked and paired with Italian fine art paper and then pressed though Mandi’s printing press.

She then lifts the paper to see what treasure has emerged onto the creamy paper! It is then dried overnight, signed, matted and wrapped in signature packaging to delight!

Including something extra special

Mandi can even add a passed animal's ashes to the ink (just a smidge) as well as including a paw print (read Mandi’s post on how to get a paw print to use for artwork). Sometimes she has included a lock of fur or a dog tag.

A stunning matted artwork ready for the wall or shelf to forever root ourselves in the memory of that very special companion.

Gift certificates are available if you are thinking of this as a heartfelt gift for a fellow animal lover.