Sunday Sessions – 14 October 2018 - PET PORTRAIT FUNDRAISER



Dogkateers Combined


The Penny Marathon provides both a voice to stray, abandoned, neglected and abused companion animals (cats and dogs) and support to the people and groups that fight to save their lives. The money raised through donations and sales is primarily used for various stages of the rescue–rehome process, such as medical emergencies, boarding, food and bedding, spay and neutering, vaccinations, travel and other essential costs.

Penny Marathon was founded in Greece by two Greek-Australians, sisters Ellie and Pep and you can read the full story on the Penny Marathon website.

How did I find out about Penny Marathon?  It all started whilst I was on a Sunday morning walk at Sydney Park with the #3dogkateers.  I first noticed a very striking dog, who it turned out is Ajax (second from the left in the pic above!) and as I looked up to speak with his family, I met Ellie and Pep and a great friendship was formed.  I am the official photographer for the Sydney Penny Marathon which is held in mid-July each year.



The Sunday Sessions will be held on Sunday 14 October 2018 from 10am until 4pm in the Stirrup Gallery at the Addison Road Community Centre - 142 Addison Road, Marrickville in Sydney's inner west.

  • Sessions are 15 minutes in length

  • Session fee is $50 per dog.  If you have more than one dog that you would like photographed, please book an individual session per dog.

  • Dogs will be photographed in a studio setting on a lounge with colourful accessories to choose from

  • 100% of this session fee will be donated to Penny Marathon to help animals in need

  • The session fee does not include any print products or digital files

  • Exclusive fine art photographic products will be available to purchase after your session, with à la carte starting at $49 and collections starting at $399

  • Product samples will be available to view on event day

  • See below for à la carte and collections information

  • Lots of stunning handmade items will be available to purchase on the day directly from the volunteers at Penny Marathon.  Something for everyone - babies, kids, adults and of course, pets (make sure you revisit this page in a few days as I will be adding photos of some of the amazing items for sale on the day)

Daisy Lyons the Jack Russell Lipsmacker
#3dogkateers in the studio