You love your dog, they are your family and you put a lot of thought into choosing what you feed them and ensuring they enjoy their meals. You also care about our world, and all creatures great and small and how animals are treated. Read on as I think this may just resonate...

We started using Frontier Pet Foods at the beginning of 2018 after a friend gave me a sample to try on our #3dogkateers. They absolutely love the food and I love the ethos of the founder Di Watson and all that Frontier Pets stands for.

Their vision is to end factory farming... something many of us animal lovers personally feel very strongly about. Every time you buy a Frontier Pet product you are directly and indirectly supporting animal welfare, as they use only high welfare ingredients and materials that support ethical producers.

This means a better life for farm animals and a healthy meal option for our dogs.

Frontier Pets resonates so strongly with me that I am an official affiliate for the brand. My goal being to spread the word to all those dog parents out there who cherish their dogs.

I earn a small commission on items purchased through this link which I convert to my own purchases of the product for our four dogs Daisy, Harvey, Henry and Luna. Click on the logo above to find out more about how to purchase this quality food for your own dog.

Also, every dog who comes to us for a farm photography experience goes home with a sample pack of Frontier Pets to try.

To find out more watch this compelling video on how your dog can change the world