Photo Session

Dog of the Year 2021 Artwork Prize 3 Up Storyboard

Dog of the Year 2021 – Rescued Dog Spike Luis Scrubiano scrubs up beautifully for his portrait experience

Dog of the Year 2021 – Spike Luis Scrubiano had a blast at his sunset beach photography experience at beautiful Blueys Beach on the Barrington Coast.

Wootton Be Anywhere Else - A self-portrait by photographer artist Jo Lyons and husband Neal on their 11th Wedding Anniversary with the Kids

Wootton Be Anywhere Else – Photography Exhibition of 12 Passionate Woottonites

“Wootton Be Anywhere Else” is a solo photographic exhibition of some of the wonderful people of Wootton NSW by Dog and Family Photographer Jo Lyons

The Artwork Delivery

The Artwork Delivery – The Heartwarming Reveal

The big moment you’ve been waiting patiently for… the artwork delivery!

Jo talks about the delivery and care of your artwork from your bucket list experience with your dog.

The Farm Photography Experience

The Ultimate Pet Portrait Experience in NSW – enjoying your dog living their best life!

Jo takes you through what to expect when you book a farm photography experience on her stunning farm in Wootton NSW

The Discover Call

The Discovery Call and Planning Consultation

So you are ready to learn more about booking in for a farm photography experience? It’s time to book a Discovery Call.

8 quick tips to help you prepare your dog for their photo session

8 Quick Tips to Help You Prepare Your Dog for their Photo Session with your professional Dog Photographer

Check out our top 8 tips for preparing your dog for their photo session.


Top 15 tools in this pet photographer’s camera bag

Photographing your dog outdoors is a wonderful way to spend time together and create memories to last a lifetime! Make sure you have what you need in your bag to make your photoshoot a success!

Colour Options in our Studio

Colour Options in our Studio

Colour options in our studio to suit not only your dog, but your home decor.

White Maltese Terrier on a timber pylon by the Oatley Baths

White dogs light my world

White dogs and photo editing techniques

Do dogs get moody like us humans? Dog laying on a leafy verandah next to his water bowl looking very thoughtful.

Do dogs get moody like humans do?

Featuring a foster dog having a holiday on our farm last year. His name is Dude.