Tilly at Gunnamatta Bay

Tilly the Cavadoodle at Gunnamatta Bay


Little Tilly is a gorgeous 8 year old Cavoodle who I recently had the honour to photograph, and at the same time, discovered a stunning location in Sydney’s south in the beautiful Sutherland Shire. We spent a glorious sunset down at Gunnamatta Bay, firstly in the park as Tilly was looking powder-fresh after an earlier bath.

Dog photography Sydney

Tilly with her Mum and Dad… she is one very cherished little dog… just as all dogs should be. Look at that smile!

Dog Photoshoot Sydney

Tilly did stop for one blue-steel pose, but before you knew it, the smiles were released once more!

Tilly Dog Photoshoot

Tilly couldn’t keep her eyes off the glistening water down at the bay and as she’d been such a good girl, her pawrents gave her the OK to take off down to the beach… “eat my dust!” she said as she bolted off into the sunset.

Dog photographer Sydney

The joy is very evident going by that little face!

Dog Sailor Photo

I think Tilly was channelling her inner “Scuppers the Sailor Dog” here.

Tilly at Gunnamatta Bay Tilly at Gunnamatta Bay Tilly at Gunnamatta Bay

Tilly is absolutely cherished by her Pawrents and it was such a joy to see how happy this little dog is in her life. It also made me realise how much I love to photograph dogs doing what they love and what brings them joy… and I’m finding lately that the beach is the number one factor!

Dog Photoshoot Sydney

The weather is starting to cool down now which means more tongues staying inside mouths and more comfortable temperatures for us humans too. If you’ve been thinking of having your beloved dog photographed, get in touch and let’s have some fun and create some amazing memories for your home.

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