The Purchasing Appointment

The Purchasing Appointment

The Purchasing Appointment

You’ve had an amazing time with your dog at the photo session, what next? At the end of your session I’ll hand you your homework. Yes you heard right, your homework! Don’t worry, this is nothing like the homework from the tedious days of school. This is fun homework! It gives you four tasks to do to prepare you for an amazing Purchasing Appointment which I’ll go through shortly. It also records the time and date of your purchasing appointment so you can pop it on the Fridge or note board when you get home.

Zooming In

The Purchasing Appointment is scheduled for the week following your Farm Photography Experience and is normally about an hour long and starts off by joining our Zoom meeting. Before you jump on to the call, grab a cuppa or a glass of wine or whatever else you fancy. I’ll greet you through the screen and we’ll kick off the appointment with me sharing my screen with you to show you a music video slideshow of the best 30 or so photographs from your photo session. This is when it’s handy to also have a box of tissues close by as most clients, even the guys, tend to shed a tear as they see their images of their dog for the very first time.

The beauty of having this meeting virtually via Zoom is that you don’t have to leave home, you can have your dog on your lap with you, and when I share my screen we can still see and hear each other. I love to see the reactions as my clients watch their video for the first time, and hear the squeals of delight as each image surfaces to the screen.

Decision Making Made Easy

After the video, it’s time to go through each image and decide which ones you love the most. I have the best software available for the task and this process is actually quick fast with this technology and the skill of having been through this process with each client for the past 8 years since I first started using this software.

The goal here is to go with your first inclination and listen to your heart. This process moves your favourites into a folder, your maybes into another folder and thirdly a folder for the rest. The beauty of this “culling” process is that you only keep in view what you really love which makes it much easier to start deciding which images will work best for the artwork you have decided to purchase.

This amazing software I have then enables me to curate your favourites into wall art pieces and show you how they look on your walls. Yes you read that correctly, your walls! I ask all my clients to send through photos of any walls in their home where they would like to hang wall art. I provide clear instructions on how to do this, and once I receive their photographs I upload them into my software ready for the appointment.

Instructions on how to photograph your wall

Virtual Reality

I love helping create the perfect wall art and here are a few samples of how I work through this process with you.

This is a wall photograph sent through by my client Belinda ready for her purchasing appointment. Belinda’s dog is named Dash and she had decided on a large 3-up storyboard initially, but then decided to add on a small framed fine art photo that she couldn’t leave behind of Dash running.

Wall image with mockupWall image before

Placing your Artwork Order

After going through the process above to decide on the wall art you wish to purchase, we then check the remaining images in your favourites and work with ideas on how to present them. Most clients when purchasing wall art decide on adding an Artisan Box which is a beautiful hand crafted timber box with an acrylic lid and base. The Artisan box comes with your choice or either 10 or 15 images printed to 8×12″ on fine art cotton rag and presented in an 11×14 archival mat. These can be displayed in the box like a two-sided picture frame. Often clients choose a selection of the set to hang in individual frames in a hallway, creating a gallery of their cherished dog.

Once the artwork order has been decided, the order is created during the meeting, and payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or Amex via my virtual terminal. If you opt to pay via one of our interest free payment plans through Payright, your application can be processed in about 5 minutes and all you need to pay is a 30% deposit via card. You have up to 12 months to pay your artwork off directly to Payright.

After the Meeting

Once we’ve farewelled each other on our virtual ways, I get to work with your order, firstly sending you an email confirmation of the full order along with your payment receipt and information on the timelines for the production of your artwork. Generally your artwork will be ready within 4-6 weeks of the Purchasing Appointment. All our artwork is handmade right here in Australia.

Next week on the blog, it’s time to talk about the artwork delivery!


I hope you enjoyed this insight into the Purchasing Appointment and you can now check out the next photographer in our global blog circle for her take on the topic. Allow me to introduce Elaine Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography describes the excitement of seeing your photo results, and what happens after a photo session

Ready to book a farm photography experience with your dog?

If you’ve been putting it off, what better time than now to plan an awesome experience with your dog for when lockdown lifts. If you’d like to make a weekend out of it, let me know as I have some great suggestions for local dog-friendly accommodation in the Great Lakes Region. If you are 100% ready you can book here. If you are still not sure then I suggest you schedule a complimentary discovery call so we can chat about the possibilities for you and your dog. Don’t forget to check out last week’s blog post on the Farm Photography Experience if you haven’t already!
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