The Artwork Collection

The Artwork Collection – The Heartwarming Reveal


Welcome to Step 4 in the client journey, the artwork collection … the grand finale of your Farm Photography Experience!

The Wait is Over… it’s time for the Artwork Collection!

After the Purchasing Appointment which I took you through in last week’s blog post, I fine edit your purchased images and then I order your artwork from our all-Australian vendors. All our artwork is handmade in Australia from quality materials. It generally takes 4-6 weeks before your artwork is ready, often earlier. You’ll receive an email from me as soon as I receive word from my vendor that your artwork is on its way. 

The Artwork Delivery

If you live locally (within a 50km radius of Wootton) you can collect your artwork from our studio on the farm, or we can work out a time to deliver it to your home when we are next travelling through your town.

For those who have travelled for the farm photography experience, we will arrange to have your artwork delivered directly to your home by our vendor and I’ll send you the tracking information.

Installation of your Artwork

If you purchase wall art, and you don’t have a ‘handyperson’ in the household, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to instal your artwork. These are memories that will last a lifetime provided they are treated respectfully. NEVER hang your artwork with double-sided tape products as it will only end in tears when one day or in the middle of the night you hear an almighty crash and you rush out to find your beautiful fine art piece smashed on the floor!

Drilling into the wall or using an art hanging system are the two best ways to ensure many years of delight with your artwork. Personally, we use an art hanging system in our studio and home as they look great and are so versatile. You simply need to add a couple of hooks and cables to add new artwork.

Here is a guide I’ve created to help with installing your artwork.

The Artwork Collection - hanging fixture guideArtisan books and albums

Artisan Books and Albums are the perfect option when you have too many favourites to choose from, or if you are lacking wall space in your home to hang artwork. Many of my clients choose either an Artisan book, album or box for the remaining favourites after choosing their hero piece of wall art. These are great options to ensure you don’t leave any favourites behind.

Today I received an Artisan Book in the post for my client Rachel. I took a few iPhone snaps of it before I wrap it to send to Rachel on Monday. I have a few other items to include so opted not to have them delivered directly on this occasion.


Delivery of your digital files happens after you confirm receipt of your artwork delivery. There is a good reason for this! Digital files are no comparison to the magic of the printed product and seeing your favourite images for the first time in tangible form. This is such a special experience and if the digital files were delivered first, it would somewhat diminish the experience and excitement of unwrapping and revealing your artwork.

After you’ve confirmed your artwork has arrived, you’ll receive an email with a link to a password-protected online gallery on ShootProof. Here you will find the matching digital files of your printed artwork. If you purchase a digital collection you will receive your gallery via the same method, and your matching fine art reference prints will be sent in the post.

I also include a request for a review on Google and Facebook in this final email. You can check out my Google reviews here.

It’s a Wrap

I hope you’ve enjoyed this four-part series to the Farm Photography Experience. This process also applies to our “Off the Farm” sessions also so all my clients received a custom experience to bring out the best in their dog and the artwork created from each session. Many of my past clients are now friends as it is such a unique experience to go through and I’m there to guide you along the journey with a shared love of dogs. Your dog will love me too… I almost always get a lick on the nose from even the shyest of dogs.


I hope you enjoyed this insight into the Purchasing Appointment and you can now check out the next photographer in our global blog circle for her take on the topic. Allow me to introduce Elaine Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography in the Endless Mountains of PA, who reviews the types of products available to choose as lasting memories of your pet.


If you’ve been putting it off, what better time than now to plan an awesome experience with your dog for when the lockdown lifts? If you’d like to make a weekend out of it, let me know as I have some great suggestions for local dog-friendly accommodation in the Great Lakes Region. If you are 100% ready you can book here. If you are still not sure then I suggest you schedule a complimentary discovery call so we can chat about the possibilities for you and your dog. Don’t forget to check out last week’s blog post on the Farm Photography Experience if you haven’t already!
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  1. Elaine on 27 August, 2021 at 11:53 pm

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    Loving that Artwork Fixture Guide! Genius!!! Great post, Jo!

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    Outstanding guide for the do-it -yourselfer…. and I love the album.

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