Chance Rescue Dog Photoshoot Sydney

A Chance Meeting


Well if you saw the update to my model call post, we didn’t find an Australian Silky Terrier, but I do have an even better story.

Last Monday afternoon, Neal and I and our #3dogkateers went scouting around Miller’s Point for the perfect spot for our photoshoot that we had booked with the amazing Craig from Furtography in New Zealand (check out his site, he is amazing!).

Craig posted recently that he was going to be in Sydney so I jumped at the opportunity and booked him in! Craig is one of the best and I can’t wait to see what magic he has created. Yes I photograph my dogs all the time, but I’ve always wanted to have them photographed by another professional dog photographer and be a part of that experience and I love Craig’s work.

So, we were also looking for a location for the model shoot which Craig and I planned to do together after our shoot yesterday afternoon. Although we’ve never met before, we were both in France last year for #Barkjour, but just in different weeks so we knew each-other virtually via Facebook.

We’d just parked the car and were heading up to Observatory Hill when we came across a small Kelpie and her Mum and Dad. They came over to let her say hello to our #3dogkateers. We got chatting and I asked them if they lived around the area and they did, they were locals. We also found out that she is not only an Australian dog, she’s a rescued dog! Her pawrents adopted her from Herd2Homes Dog Rescue and she’s still a baby at 18 months of age.

So I was pretty amazed by this chance meeting and told them how I had just put out a model call for an Australian Silky, but I’d love for their dog to model should we not find a Silky. It turns out, the Kelpie is named “Chance”.As soon as I received their email I decided regardless whether we got a Silky or not, I wanted Chance to join in the fun.

Fast forward to last night, we got to meet Chance again as she and her Dad waited patiently for us at the rotunda at Observatory Hill.

So that was a long story! Here she is… Chance…

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