Do dogs get moody like us humans? Dog laying on a leafy verandah next to his water bowl looking very thoughtful.

Do dogs get moody like humans do?

Do dogs get moody like humans do?

I can get very moody at times and our dogs always pick up on it. They seem to be so tuned in to us and probably one of the top reasons why dogs are our best friends. But do dogs get moody like we humans do? Do they have the same emotions? In my opinion, I believe they do. Melancholic is probably a better way to describe when dogs get moody. They seem to stare into the distance and make us wish we knew what they were thinking about. If only they could talk. The conversations we could have.

Rain, rain and more rain

We continued to receive copious amounts of rainfall here in Wootton this week. I’ve had to once again postpone my sessions booked for this weekend as the ground is sopping wet which makes it impossible to cut the fast growing grass. Even a full day of sunshine on Tuesday didn’t make a dent on drying things out. Thankfully we had a couple of hours of dry weather on Wednesday when I had a family session for my niece and her family who travelled up from Sydney.

I was planning to go out today to shoot for this week’s theme. I attempted, but the dogs were too interested in playing footy with giant smiles on their faces so it wasn’t going to work and I wasn’t in the mood to lie in the wet grass to photograph them.

Looking back to this time last year

So what was it like here exactly a year ago? We were in severe drought, so bad that the brown grass crackled under our feet. We also had a guest here for a few weeks. His name is Dude and he was in foster care at that time looking for his forever home. His foster family had a holiday planned in Asia so he came to stay with us for a holiday of his own.

Dude was very withdrawn and timid when he first arrived. I was a little worried he’d race off down the dirt road following his foster family as they drove off so we kept him securely on leash for the first 24 hours in our care.

American Staffy wearing a bandanna with maroon pom pom trim, with belted galloway cows in the background.


By day two he really settled in and discovered Henry was great fun to hang out with. We were able to let him run without fear of him escaping.

He just wanted to hang out with Henry and the #3dogkateers and didn’t appear to be homesick any longer.

Dude was simply having too much fun.

Two dogs running together through the grass with trees in the distance.

Two dogs on the farm with the American Staffy wearing a red and white bandanna on a green collar. Do dogs get moody like humans do?Two dogs playing with a stick on the farm. Two dogs playing tug-of-war with a stick on the farm. Two dogs play fighting on the farm. White dog rolling on the grass with his legs in the air and his buddy dog in the background enjoying the smells of the farm. Do dogs get moody like humans do? Dogs playing on the farm. Dogs playing on the farm. Dogs playing on the farm. Dogs playing on the farm.




A week in, Dude was a little melancholic and hung out on the deck looking wistfully into the distance. Was he missing his foster family, or was he thinking about dinner time? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Do dogs get moody like us humans? Dog laying on a leafy verandah next to his water bowl looking very thoughtful.






It wasn’t long before Dude was back to his energetic, goofy and playful self. He loved playing but he also loved exploring the farm.

Stunning White and Tan American Staffy wearing a bandana and staring straight into the lens. American Staffy standing in the bush looking out. Flooded gums and melaleuca trees. American Staffy on the farm. Do dogs get moody like humans do? White and tan American Staffy with his back to the camera wearing his "Zap" bandanna. Smiling Dog looking up with a splash of his red and white bandanna showing. American Staffy wearing a black and white bandanna on the farm at golden hour. American Staffy and Jack Russell Terrier friends on the farm. Happy dog trotting through the grass towards the camera looking left. Do dogs get moody like humans do? White dog staring into the distance on the farm. White and tan American Staffy sitting on the grass and looking up into the lens. Do dogs get moody like humans do? White Dog looking back at the setting sun.Do dogs get moody like humans do? Farmer with two three dogs playing in the paddock. American Staffy, Foxhound and fox terrier.White American Staffy with tan patch and spots and pink nose.Dude’s foster family drove back up to the farm to pick him up. Even though he’d had the best time ever on the farm, he was so happy to see them he jumped in the car without so much as a thank you, that’s “Baw Raw” in dogspeak!

Dude went on to finally get adopted the same week as his brother… such a coincidence as they both spent a long time in foster care after being rescued as young pups from a country NSW Pound.

A huge thank you to Denise at Paws who rescued Dude and his brother, and also his foster family who treated him like one of their own whilst they shared their home with him.

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  1. Angela Schneider on 9 January, 2021 at 6:06 am

    Oh gosh, you did a great job telling Dude’s story in photos. That one with his food bowl, though, I really just want to scoop him up and cuddle him all day long. He looks like a real sweetie.

  2. Em on 9 January, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    That’s our boy! We are his forever home ????‍?????‍♂️??
    It’s really been an extraordinary journey so far. It took him 4.5hrs to enter the home initially.. We stayed with him outside the whole time (showering him with love and support) then 3 days to leave the lounge room. We were told he had a fear of doorways. We’ve had quite a few incidents that have been traumatic and emotional for all Including our Doodie (as we like to call him) Nearly one year on he is a different dog. It is evident that Dude is the most emotional dog we’ve ever known proving to be our greatest teacher. We are besotted with him. Thanks for this little slice of history we didn’t know existed. All the best, Dudes mum Bek

    • Jo Lyons on 11 January, 2021 at 7:28 pm

      Hey Bek, Thanks for commenting. I’m so glad you got to see this. He had a fantastic time at the farm and got on so well with our dogs, especially his best bud Henry. I’m so glad he found his way into your family!

  3. Tracy Allard on 10 January, 2021 at 10:28 pm

    It looks like Dude fit right in with your crew! So glad you’re getting rain, but I totally get “enough already”. Gorgeous images Jo, your time away from us was well spent, glad to have you back. The one with Dude by the tree is my favorite, just stunning!

    • Jo Lyons on 11 January, 2021 at 7:28 pm

      Thanks so much Tracy!

  4. Nicole Hrustyk on 13 January, 2021 at 10:25 am

    Awe Dude. <3 I'm so glad he and his brother found their forever homes.

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