Dog of the Year 2021 Artwork Prize 3 Up Storyboard

Dog of the Year 2021 – Rescued Dog Spike Luis Scrubiano scrubs up beautifully for his portrait experience

Dog of the Year 2021 – With Handsome DogStar Spike whose life changed at 5 years old

In January we ran our first Dog of the Year competition. Well, in fact, we called it “Farm Dog of the Year” and it included dogs photographed on our farm in 2021.

The outstanding winner was Spike Luis Scrubiano pipping Nala and Kona at the post with Buddy coming in a close third.


Spike spent 5 long years at Monika’s Doggie Rescue before finding his perfect family and it was a superb win on all accounts. He is so incredibly loved, and in return, he incredibly loves his family.
And the ears… oh the ears!


Spike’s family won a $1000 voucher and had his prize session with his mama and papa at beautiful Bluey’s Beach on Saturday and boy were we blessed with the weather!

Spike and his family travelled up from Sydney on Friday and spent the weekend in the Great Lakes. With all the rain we’ve been having, they took advantage of the weather forecast and grabbed a time on my schedule to seize the day.

Spike’s family won a $1000 voucher and in August this year they booked their prize session and we met up at beautiful Blueys Beach in the Great Lakes region of the Barrington Coast.

Blueys Beach is my absolute favourite beach to photograph dogs and their family. It’s located in the Pacific Palms area just off the Lakes Way.

Dogs are allowed off-leash at the southern end of the beach until 9am and after 5pm which is just perfect for summer sunset sessions on the beach. The middle and north-end dogs must remain on leash. I really believe the council needs to update these hours to accommodate the winter months. Dog families get a pretty raw deal when it comes to being able to take their dog to the beach with such restricted hours. And as we know, generally humans make a lot more of a mess of our beaches than dogs do!

Dog of the Year 2021 Photos from the Afternoon

Here are some of the images from their prize-winning session.

Don’t they all look great! If you are nervous about being in the images with your dog, go check out this blog post.

We met again on Zoom a week after the session for their cinematic reveal of the best images from the experience. There were tears, there always are! We then went through the process of picking their very favourite images from the session. Spike’s parents chose the 3-up storyboard for their prize and found it very difficult to choose just three!

If you like the idea of a sunset beach photography experience with your dog, you can book here for a complimentary discovery call. Check out our session information and artwork options.

Want to know what others’ think? Go check out our Google Reviews… we are very proud of our 5 Stars!

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