Do you have a comfy sofa and a warm bed for any of these animals who are looking for a home of their own?

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Daisy the neglected ElderDog | Sydney Dog Photographer (Adopted)

The senior gentleman cat who ended up in a shelter just shy of his 17th birthday.

Wilbur the ElderCat (Adopted)

The senior gentleman cat who ended up in a shelter just shy of his 17th birthday.

Meet Milo and LuLu – Sydney Dog Photographer (Adopted together)

Bonded dogs lose their family and home so are now seeking a new start in life together.

Meet Lily Rose – Sydney Dog Photographer (Adopted)

Could Lily Rose be your next family member?

Kitty Minaj and her post-baby body – Sydney Cat Photographer

She’s young, she’s gorgeous, and she’s almost finished raising her one and only litter of 6 kittens

Meet Leonard – Sydney Dog Photographer (Adopted)

(Adopted) Being cute, giving kisses and having fun are #lifegoals for this tiny dog… could he be your next family member?

Hubee the Labrador x – Sydney Pet Photographer (Adopted)

(Adopted) Handsome Hubee is waiting for you to fall in love with him


(ADOPTED) The sweet dog with a bunny tail, Mia will melt your heart when you meet her

International Cat Day 2018

Celebrating International Cat Day 2018 by highlighting the adoptable cats at Sutherland Shire Council Animal Shelter

Bellflower (Adopted)

(ADOPTED) I provide pro-bono photography to SSCAS to show the world how wonderful their shelter pets are in an effort to help them find their forever home.