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I’ve been called the down-to-earth dog-lover. Partly because I don’t mind getting dirty to get the shot, but mostly because of my whole-hearted approach to dog photography.

For me it isn’t simply about posing a dog and taking a photo. It’s about capturing their personality, finding those little nuances that make them unique and telling their story.

And while I love photographing all animals, I have a deep passion for dogs. Big ones, small ones, loved ones and those needing to find love in this world.

I believe all dogs deserve to be loved, so I provide holistic insights and authentic fine art photography to families who really care.

I would love the opportunity to photograph your dog doing what they do best and turn that moment into a gorgeous artwork you’ll cherish for years to come.

Ready for the pawfect picture? Check out my session info.

You're welcome to take a look through my portfolio and do please reach out if you're interested in working with me to capture your dog doing what they love to do most.