Whole-hearted dog & animal photography and custom artwork for your home

Every dog has a story. Every dog needs love. Every personality is a piece of art.

Hi, I'm Jo, I'm glad you're here.

Jo Lyons and her beloved dogs

My job is to serve people who truly love their dogs.

Those who consider dogs family.

Those whose dogs mean the world.

My passion is to encourage people to make dogs integral to our lives.  I know from personal experience just how fulfilling life can be when we simply open our door to a dog.

Next-level Professionalism

Accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, I’ve earned the title of professional photographer by successfully completing the rigorous AIPP accreditation process.

What does this mean for you?

Peace of mind that you've hired a specialist dog and animal photographer who know's what she's doing and will take you personally through each step of an experience that will exceed your expectations. Not just for you, but your dog too!

Having travelled to France and New Zealand to learn from the best pet photographers in the world, you get the benefits of expertise not easy to find when hiring a photographer to create a visual legacy for your beloved dog.

Ajax the award winning dog model at Sydney Harbour

My approach to photography

Everything I do is born from holistic roots and the deepest respect for all living things.

For each photo shoot, I go with the flow, connecting with each animal as the unique individual they are. I’m open, honest, and truly enjoy my work, because of what it means to people who love their dogs like I love mine.

I have a wealth of experience shooting in all conditions and nearly all companions, too. I’m especially drawn to the outdoors – combining natural light and background texture to enrich each picture.

The end result is stunning wall art, print collections and fine art albums for your home to honour the unconditional love your dog has for you always.

Jo Lyons Photography Behind the Scenes with a Rottweiler
Luther the Rottweiler the professional portrait
Luther the Rottweiler the professional portrait - Wall Art In Situ


For animal lover Jo Lyons, it wasn’t until 2011 that she got serious about following her passion of photographing animals.

Jo earned her stripes at the frontline, by using her skills at pounds to produce emotive images that would generate the second chance every shelter pet deserves.

Armed with this sense of purpose, Jo left behind the corporate world and city life, and relocated with her family to a serene farm in the beautiful Wootton Valley in the Great Lakes Region of NSW where Jo offers a destination pet photography experience.

Alvina Narayan Photography - Jo7



Have your dog photographed in their truest spirit, so you can cherish that moment through fine art, always.