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Black and tan Miniature Schnauzer sitting in the grass posing for a portrait

Whole-hearted fine art canine photography
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Every dog has a story. Every dog deserves love. Every personality is a work of art.

Miniature Schnauzer framed metal print on living room wall with views to a rainy day forest

for adventurous people whose kids have four legs

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Hi I'm Jo, a specialist dog and animal photographer and self-published author with over 13 years of experience who aims to create captivating pawtraits that showcase your dog's unique personality and the special bond you share.

Dedicated to celebrating the unique connection and unconditional love between humans and their four-legged kids, I transform your most loved images into beautiful artwork that will enhance your home and bring joy to your heart, ensuring your dog will be remembered always.

Jo Lyons with her heart dog Daisy who passed away at aged 16 on 27 October 2022.
Girl and her American Golden Retriever on One Mile Beach Forster NSW Australia


Jo creates an amazing experience throughout the entire process.
She knows her stuff, she took the time to meet Oakley, learn about him, his personality and the things he enjoys doing and perfectly captured them in all her images!
The artwork Jo creates is absolutely breathtaking. I was over the moon with how it turned out!

My approach as a specialist dog photographer

Preparing Saki for his photo
Taking the shot
Saki Portrait
Saki on the wall as fine art

Everything I do is born from holistic roots and the deepest respect for all living things. During each photo session, I connect with your dog as the unique individual they are, embracing their true essence. With open-mindedness, honesty, and genuine enjoyment, I capture moments that hold profound meaning for dog lovers like you and I.

With a wealth of experience shooting in all conditions and all kinds of animal companions, too. I’m especially drawn to the outdoors – combining natural light and background texture to enrich each pawtrait.

The ultimate outcome is stunning Australian-made wall art, exquisite print collections, and fine art albums that pay homage to the unwavering love your dog has for you. These pieces will adorn your home, serving as constant reminders of the bond you share.

Let's create an unforgettable experience that celebrates the unconditional love your dog brings into your life.

Dog poses on the sand at south Blueys Beach facing the photographer. Coastline in the background.


Our farm experience photo shoot with Jo was amazing. She worked well with my dog Tina getting some absolutely amazing shots that show off her personality and attitude. Most surprising was her ability to get photos of myself that I actually like and am happy to display. Jo was friendly approachable and more than happy to work with us to find a package that worked for our budget. The photos are all amazing and the artisan box is of the highest quality.

Saluki x Border Collie having fun with her human mum at their countryside photography experience


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Jack Russell Terrier On Lead Jack Russell Terrier with Lead Removed in Post-Processing

Leash Removal Before and After

If you are concerned your dog can't be off leash for their portraits, no problem! I have the skills to set up the photographs so the leash can be edited in the editing process.



Have your dog photographed in their truest spirit, so you can cherish that moment through fine art, always.